October 2014

 Unfortunately: it is already so far: The campingseason has come to an end. What has the time gone fast! We had many great people on our campsite and had lots of fun and cozy moments with them.

 We don’t have a lot of time to stand still to this; we now have to ensure that everything is ready for the winter so we can start the new season fresh again. So we are already engaged in the drainage of the ecofields, the rental tents are cleaned up and the other rental accommodations are now also made clean and winterized.

 We also need to mowing, pruning and the rest of the maintenance tracking so that everything there remains  tight so we have time for the extra work to make the campsite even more beautiful.



June 2014 

Last month we received again a number of pleasant campers on our camping. The temperature is getting better and better and so our customers could enjoying their breakfast in the sun and in the afternoon a refreshing dip in our swimming pool. As we have been busy over the last few months with the maintenance of the camping we now have it all  in order so that there is time for the postponed chores on our terrain. Finaly, we hope to create an even more beautiful terrain so that the whole picture fits. Now the sanitary building comes even more to his right, there are beautiful rocks appeared and it all looks a lot more spacious. However, it is not only working, there is also time to enjoy. So it is wonderful to walk around the grounds along the fruit trees, enjoying the bird sounds and in the evening to look at the flying bats. And of course not to forget: on Sunday eating Chicken piri piri at the market in Tabuá. Super cozy and really a must for young and old. 



May 2014

 The first month of the campingseason has come to an end. What does time flies when there are pleasant people standing at the camping. Also we remain busy with maintaining and improving the camping so everyone can enjoy his/ her well deserved rest and relaxation. So we have plenty of work with mowing, pruning and we have built a brand new wood storage  for convenience and not unimportant for an even cleaner first impression.



April 2014

After a lot of rain, wind, cold weather and hard work now it is time: WE ARE OPEN AGAIN!!!! And what a beautiful way to start the season: The feelds are clean, fantastic weather and we welcomed the first campers that have found their way to our campsite. Hopefully this is a forerunner for the season and it will become a top year. Also, we wish our fellow camping holders a beautiful  and cosy season.



Februari 2014

Finally. The rainy season seems to be over! The days become longer and the sun is shining more often, longer and warmer. From now on we can slowly start to do things around the camping such to make it perfect for the upcoming season. This means: lawn mowing, clean the accommodations and decorate, trimming the trees and bushes and make the swimmingpool ready to use. Everyone is welcome again from the 15th of April at our camping to enjoy the well deserverd rest, the beautiful weather and the fantastic points of interest that our area has to offer.

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